Monday, January 5, 2009

Gene is not the only antique in my house. Hehe. JK!!

{Another Stunning Sunset at the
Cease Fire Ranch}
First... congrats to the newest member of the family!
Sarah Kay came today, at 3:05 (I think that's what Carol said), 8 pounds 10 ounces. I Guess after all that, the winner of the pool was Steve and Laura. I think they had insider info... and they cheated.

Yay babies! Now I'm itchin' to get down there and take newborn piccies.

Well, that was a busy weekend!
Gene has been on a real antique shopping "frenzy" lately. Which I don't mind that much, because I love to look at the old stuff, and since I love antique christmas/halloween items, it was right up my alley - especially since Christmas being over, the christmas stuff would most likely be on SALE. whoop.

Saturday morning, he woke up, said "Let's go to the Brass Armadillo, and WD Pickers today". I was game. Brass Armadillo is in KC and WD Pickers is up by Platte City. Neither one I've been to in a while.

It was an underwhelming trip. BA is huge, and the quality has "degraded" over the past few years. 450 booths... ahhhhhgggrrh. I did find this tho:

A huge porcelain doll (28") for Madison for Christmas. It's Alice from Alice in Wonderland. So pretty - and she was a steal, less than 10% of it's original price. We bought another doll for Cadience too. I've also bought something for Amber, Chris (my sister), mom, and Carol. Whooop.
Oh, and a b-day pressie for Cadience. heh. I'm so far ahead of the game.

Back in Sept. We went to Santicaligon Days, and I picked up the small coke bottle dispenser for handsoap. I love it! I bought the dispenser to make a second one, and ended up finally picking up the big bottle from an antique store last week.
I couldn't help myself, I thought it was so pretty how the soap was layered, and the light shown through it.

After all that, I only got 2 tiny celluloid reindeer, and I'm determined to have 8 - and I'm unwilling to pay more than $2.50 each. some ppl had them for $8 each. Pffft. Sorry, no pics of that, I just took them from their wrapping and put them in the christmas boxes. It'll be a little "surprise" for next year.

Speaking of which, I have most of the Christmas stuff down, except for the bare trees.

I forgot to share a pic of my North Pole scene. Kinda late, but oh well. My grandmother made this about 15 years ago. She had it in my store when I had it downtown, and my ex bought it for me for a Christmas gift. right now, it needs to be rewired :( Normally it lights up.

OK, more in a bit, splitting posts!

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