Sunday, January 18, 2009

Quick and Nasty

Gonna make this one of those big old simple list catch up posts so I can just get on with my life without feeling guilty for not posting for a few days. No real excuses except that I was busy most of the weekend, and I really don't know why on Thursday.

  • Slowly catching up on like 50 emails. *no really* Seems like everyone from clients to ppl I went to high school with, picked last week to write. what they don't know, is how much I hate email.
  • Friday I went to KC to take pics of Newborn sweetie Sarah (pics later). I say, it's about 60% of what I wanted. Which if I was in school, would be an F. But really, out of 150 pics, it means that about 90 of them are OK in my book. I did not get the cute poses I was trying for, but since she was my first newborn, I'm cutting myself some slack. I will however try at least a couple times more before I say FORGET IT to newborns.
  • Gene went with me to KC. work was slow and I think he was looking for an excuse to cut out half a day. Flat out, he was grumpy - I think it would have been better if he'd have stayed at work.
  • Saturday we went antiquing again. I think I'm about ready for an antique break. It's decent exercise I guess, takes forever to walk a big mall. But my back gets to killing me! 3 malls, hundreds of booths, trillions of items, 400 pounds of dirt, and I spent 80 cents. No really.
  • Today (Sunday) we had breakfast at home. For some reason I really hate making big breakfasts so he made chirizo sausage and eggs for himself, and I had oatmeal. I think I'm gonna do oatmeal for a while, That rocked.
  • After breakfast, we watched several back to back DVR'd "Property Ladder" which put us in the mood to do some work on the house. I stained the last door (guest room) and Gene textured Tanner's bathroom upper half, and started installing a new light fixtured. Of *course* it never goes simple. Something that should have taken a whole 20 min, will take several days because the drywall had to be cut, box moved, put back, mudded, taped, blah blah blah. PITA. But it will look nice.
  • Went to JCPenney. If you like bargains, now is a good time to go. 40% off lowest clearance sticker price. I'm really trying to be conservative on buying clothes for little girls!!
  • Monday I have an engagement shoot for a couple, I'm doing their wedding this summer. They are awesome cute. I can't wait to share!
  • I have been a crocheting fool. Only during times I normally watch TV (american idol, property ladder, etc) and in the car. My scarf is now about 4.5 feet long. It's lime green. CUTE. It's kinda wide, I wish I'd have done slightly narrower (and I'd be done now too). I'm going to make another one, really super long, but only about 3" wide. I should get this one done in the next day or so.
  • Supper was yummy, steak and lobster. I told Gene we'd have to break into our "emergency back up" lobster as all the "every day" lobster was gone. LOL. It was good. Kinda crazy when you think we spent about $1.00 per *bite* (on sale even). I still like king crab better.
  • Photo update in the next day or so. Just too many pics to keep up with.
  • Oh, and I have another 365 page done. I'll share that too!

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emily said...

Hmmm. Lobster! I live in the "land of" lobster...New England and never have it....but so love it! Hope you have a good week...

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