Monday, January 5, 2009

A teaser - just to get me all worked up.

Since this post is getting an absolute ton of hits, I'll give myself a little plug. Be sure to visit the rest of the blog - Mz-Cellaneous.


I got my continous lighting system today! Whooop.

I saw the Fed Ex guy pull up, and I was hoping it would be my lens, but it was this instead:

It's a simple system, I actually thought continous lighting would be good for me, since I'm "entry level" into lighting systems. I didn't wanna overload myself all at once. I mainly like to shoot natural light, but SOMETIMES, that does not happen ya know?

Like now. It's dark. Sometimes that happens.

If I shoot by a lightbulb, this is what I get:

the only thing I did for this pic, was to light through a white umbrella. I didn't even turn the incandescent light right next to it off. (straight out of the camera)

Not freaking bad for $35!!
Looks almost like natural light. OK, I'm hooked.
I bought it on amazon, search for "continuous lighting system"

I also wanted to show you the 365 scrapbook I was telling you about. Here's the album, an american crafts D-ring album. Purchased at Hobby Lobby 1/2 price. Seriously, I will never understand why ppl have to have a $1200 wedding album. Even if I'm selling $1200 wedding albums.

Inside, I put page protectors (12 x 12) that are divided for 4 x 6 photos. Each photo printed has the journaling and the small square photo included. Since I blog pretty regularly, it will be easy to just plop in some of the journaling and a photo from the day I blog, print it out, round the corners and stick it in. Done.

5 Down, 360 to go.


Anonymous said...

I love the scrapbook you have for your photos. I may have to steal your idea. :) If you don't mind! Thanks for sharing the info about the lighting too.

Chell said...

love the 365 blog idea. That light has some pretty good outcomes. Might have to look into it. I only have Hot lights right now.. they work fine but as the name indicates.. they get HOT!!

Lana said...

Please do steal the idea! That's why I put it up there, so ppl would have some other alternative rather than *hoping* their kit was going to make it.

That's one of the cool things about this light, I literally, took the bulb out about 2 sec after turning it off, and within 15 seconds, packed it back in it's packaging. I like that idea too. Hubs is a bit of an energy freak. heh.

Becca said...

I love your 365 album alternative idea. I have so much stuff...embellishments, etc, I don't really need a kit. (and didn't order one!) tfs

Kris said...

Question about your 365:

Is your 4x6 all one piece? photo and journaling?

Or is the journaling done and the picture printed out (in wallet size) separately?

I hope that question makes sense!

Lana said...


Your question does make sense. Mine is just one piece, it's a 4 x 6 "photo" (graphics, journaling and photos) all combined in one file, and printed like a regular photo from my home printer.

You could do it seperately if you wanted also, using a piece of 4 x 6 paper, and print out your photo wallet sized.

The possiblities of how you do this is endless!

Heck, you could even do 8.5 x 11 by using baseball card sheets! (wallets would fit perfect in them)

Debby said...

I love the way you laid the photos & journaling out. I've seen so many great ideas I may have to do this project for the next ten years to use them all.

Disneypal said...

I love, love, love this - looks wonderful - you did a great job.

Cindy/WAgal said...

I still don't understand how you are doing your photo/journaling cards. Are you using Photoshop? Love, love, love how your is turning out!!

Lana said...

Hi Cindy...

Actually, I use paint shop pro instead of photoshop, but essentially, yes. It's a 5 layer digital file, and each day I change the journaling and picture layers.

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