Thursday, January 29, 2009

I needed that....

Today, I got up and decided pretty early on in the day, that I needed to go to St. Joe. I didn't need anything in particular that couldn't wait. Actually, I wanted some foam, to make a separater for my new camera bag that I'm working on (converted rolling laptop bag on clearance), but that could have waited until Saturday.

I listened to Dave Ramsey as I head off to St. Joe, and that's probably the person you really want to listen to before you go shopping, he keeps you in check! I found my foam, and talked myself out of that really cute wild animal/zoo paper stack that I really didn't need - but wanted it because it had glitter. They are onto me. Glitter is the new kryptonite. Kinda like baby socks, kittens and bunny rabbit whiskers... women lose self control.

Hobby Lobby called me, but I really didn't NEED anything there. I bought some yarn. That's it. I think it was a new low for me. Oh. And a feather. No really. It was a hot pink ostrich feather that just practically begged me to buy it. It floated gently back and forth in a hyponotizing manner until I caved. I can't believe I spent $2 on a feather. LOL. I'm going to use it as a prop headpiece on a a willing kick ass rocker type senior photo.

Next stop was Michaels and that's where I lost touch with reality. Awesome cute little chipboard albums for a DOLLAR plus the paper to cover them. I justified buying 15 by buying a couple for amber and some for gifts. The rest are ALL MINE I TELL YOU!


That was it. Three stops and I feel back in touch with my inner scrapbooker - not that I really lost much touch with it.

But the break was good. I needed that.

Now it's back to reality. I have to clean up the dollhouse to take to Stephanie on Saturday, and also I need to finish editing Laura's maternity session from November!

Something else I needed?
A shot in the arm. Maybe it was a punch in the gut, either way it worked. I told you about my friend the mentor? It's worked out really well so far. She said to me the other day "you seem to have a gift that allows you to bring out the true spirit in your subjects; the genuine smiles, the real laughter, the true beauty."

She said a bunch of other really super awesome stuff too, but that kinda sums it up.

For some reason it's given me a whole new sense of confidence. Instead of hoping that others believe that I'm a photographer, I just know I am and don't feel like I need a confirmation of that fact anymore. My little shot in the arm of confidence that's sent me in the direction of:

  • Looking outside of the box
  • Working on creative things
  • beating the streets for advertising
  • reworking my logo
  • contemplating new networking strategies
  • Reading a new book
  • Considering starting a new photographer based blog. A sisterhood of photography type blog. I've not finished working on it in my head yet.

I needed someone that wasn't my friend or my sister to tell me not only do I not suck, but on top of that, i'm good. And you know what. I think I am.

I needed that.

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