Friday, January 23, 2009

We are Berry Good Together - Pink Paper bag album

While cleaning my scrapbook room, AND giving a pile of stuff to Amber, I realized I had so many mini albums, or albums in progress, that I needed to be more commited to, or maybe "justify" lol.

A couple *years* ago, I bought some pink gift bags with the intention of making a paper bag album. After moving things around, and almost just sticking them in the gift wrap box, I decided that making this album would not take me long.

If you've never made a paper bag album before, they are super easy, and pretty fun. There's a ton of variations on this theme, but this is my version.

With each bag laying flat, I cut off the thick end that normally would be the bottom of the bag. To make it more interesting, I made each back progressively longer than the next - a stair step effect.

Some of my new fav paper is the berry line from K&Co. I bought it in a stack at Michaels. complete with glitter. yay glitter! :) (fyi, I like K&Co glittered products because it doesn't come off!!)

I cut a strip that was approximately 3 inches wide. I then folded that in half lengthwise and folded it over the cut off end.

I then sewed along the seam making it stronger. Do this again for each page (I have 5 pages).

I have my own binding machine, not a Zutter, but a good old office binder I bought years ago, before it got so popular to bind your own stuff. Sheesh I always knew I was on the forefront of this industry... why aren't I rich dammit? I wire bound the book, but you could also use notebook rings, ribbon or sew across the edge to bind it together.


I then made pages that can slip out of the bag pages. I used flowers that matched the berry paper as a "pull tab" to pull out pages.

I'm using this as just a book with random pics of Gene and I. I suppose it will be an add as you go book as we don't have a *ton* of pics together, and with the inner pages, front and back, you have about 15 places that you can add pictures!

Viola! Scrapbook album for around $3-$4 worth of paper and materials!

Page 4 of the 365 scrapbook project. I sat down yesterday and did 6 days at once. Oops. I let myself get behind a bit. I'm trying to do 2-3 days at a time. This one snuck up on me. The blog helps remind me what I've been doing!

I don't know how I found this cool link today, but it looks fun.

Fusing plastic bags to make a cutable/sewable "fabric". I am going to try it, and make some recycled plastic scrapbook albums, and I think also some grocery bags totes - which I need to remember to do more!!

I always have a ton of bags and hate to throw them away, but never remember to recycle them!


Casii said...

Love the paper bag album! Great work keeping up with the 365 too.

DebW said...

What a great album! May I use it for some inspiration? TFS!

Lana said...

Deb... Thank you and by all means, please do! That's why I put stuff out there, to inspire others just like I get inspired.

I know "paper bag albums" is old news, but I still like them, and well, I never got around to it the first time LOL. I tried to put a fresh spin on it!

NancyJones said...

you were soooooooo ahead of your time they should be giving you a cut in by gosh!! hahaha. I was looking through a magazine I wont say which and I was going... man ... did that we did that... man. We are so ahead of the game and didn't even know we were. WE got it goin on chick. WHO KNEW! THEY JUST HAVN"T DISCOVERED US YET ROFL!
and ps I LOVE LOVE THE PAPER BAG ALBUMS keep makin em!

Rachel said...

Love that Berry album! I like making them but a Bind It ALL makes it so much neater! Fantastic job!

Carla said...

Hi, I just stumbled across your blog from 2 peas through your paper bag album, which is super cute!! I'm even more impressed by your photography and your 365 project. Very clever!!

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