Monday, January 5, 2009


Most of Sunday, (well, and evenings almost all week long) was spent in my scrapbook room. See, I had it all fixed up once (I shared it a while back) but that's before *everything* had to come out of the storage pod in the driveway. When it came out... PLOP it went back into the scrapbook room.

For months, I've had several big boxes of stuff that had to be sorted. I'm really not good at sorting stuff when it gets down to a certain point, I can't figure out where to put stuff. I think I'm kinda ADD.

Anyway, I've taught myself a method that works well when you find yourself in a cleaning situation where you have a lot of things that need to find a home.... I count to 10.

I stole the idea from Flylady, she has the 27-fling boogie, where you pick up a trash bag and find 27 things to throw away. When you do that every day, at the end of the year, you've gotten rid of 9,855 items you no longer need. It works! Anyway, I just make myself count to 10, and put away 10 items. That's it. Then, I do it again, and again. Once you get on a roll, you stop counting, and things just seem to find a home quickly.

So I switched my shelves from wooden braces, to a bracket system, which is a B*%^&X($ to put in so they are all even - especially over a 9 foot span, but I got it. I added a 3rd shelf and now my bear collection can be seen, but up high so I have more space.

I told Gene that now I have to go buy some new stuff to fill that shelf. LOL. Somehow I think it will fill itself.

I like ribbon.
Ya think?

The black shelf with all the cubbies is the shelf Gene got me for Christmas.

Only a fraction.


I added another shelf on the left, so I'd have a deck to store my totes and bigger crap above it.

You know what's sad? I STILL have stuff to get done in there! Moving out my armoire, building a computer table, more shelving, curtains for my desk to cover the paper. BLEH.

And for the record, I do actually scrapbook in there. No really.

{100 Percent Sweet}
I had to find an excuse to use this paper that I HAD to buy!
And here's the start of the 2008 Christmas week album:

Seriously, I really hate printing pics, so I only have the one page done so far. I'll just sit one eve and print out everything I need to finish it and get it done already!

It's in pink, bright green, red, brown and turquoise blue. It looks better than it sounds. Seriously.

The album is a plastic SEI album that I bought on sale years ago, the cover Is going to be decorated with vinyl, I've never done that yet.. Yay for Cricut die cutting machines!

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