Thursday, January 8, 2009

You suck Wednesday. Bite me.

The post office blows. Apparently, contrary to what the USPS website says, my package to TX is exactly 1 inch too tall. That one inch is $54 extra.


I was so irritated, I'm not spending $75 to mail something that is definitely not worth $75. *never*again*ever*

So, the package came back home, will be squished down a bit (I put about 3" of filler in the top just to fill out the box) taken back into town and remailed for $24). *sigh*
Wednesday sucked.

I decided to kick Wednesday in the junk and have a do-over. Unfortunately, they don't let you do over the same day, so here I am at Thursday. Woke up early by {insert biz that wants to sell me advertising}. Hello, I believe I said call after 10. So why ya calling 2 days in a row at 8 a.m.? Plus she claims she's called me "several times" yet I only had 2 calls. Let's define "several" ok?
I badly want to tell her to pound sand now.

I think I will.
*hold please*

OK done. Not exactly a "pound sand" but I did get to say my piece. Man, what ever happened to customer service? dude. Seriously.

*deep cleansing breath*

I realized last night, I forgot to share a couple scrapbook pages with you. Each year for around 5 years now, I've taken the boys school picture, and made a double page spread (along with some pics of them from that year) about the type of person they have been, mom advice, what they are into, etc.
It's also a good way to keep track of their school picture too, as I only get 2 5 x 7's each year. Seriously - I'm a photographer, I'm not giving a lot of $$ to Lifetouch when I can take more interesting pics myself. Isn't it sad that school pics are sometimes the only pics get of themselves *the whole year*? (and sometimes christmas pics. sigh). Travesty.

I played with the new lens for about 10 min this afternoon. I've just been busy doing other stuff and not had time to play yet.
But here's an example:

My neighbors across the way, via my 18-55mm kit lens

Via my 70-200 mm.

Not that I am going around taking pics of all the neighbors houses or anything. I can be weird, but not *that kind* of weird.

And lastly, went to weight watchers today, it's been nearly a MONTH since they had a meeting due to holidays and weather. I only gained .2 pounds. I told her I would take it, and with a smile. I wanted to finish the year out strong and lose a few, but you know what, I'm going to see that as an accomplishment and move on. (cuz It was.. dude... you should see the crap I ate at christmas. Ppl can attest, there might even be pictures. Perish the thought).

Anyway, feels good to be back on track. Seems like it's taking forever for things to go back to normal.

Speaking of which, which one of you is gonna come over and take down my tree for me? I have all the ornaments off. I just have lights and the tree left. Someone yesterday tried to talk me into putting snowflakes and hearts on it.


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