Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quick, fun and EASY scrapbook project

I bought this little card box/album a while back, and while going through my stash giving Amber some stuff, I found it again. I decided since the beginning of the year, I kinda need to justify a few of these purchases. LOL. {fyi, I've never bought from the California paper goods before - I just used it to show as an example}

I covered the box with some of my favorite paper from K & Company - Wild Saffron - I buy it in a stack, and found it at Micheal's.

The chipboard "sticker" is also K & Co (actually Marcella by Kay from Target). On top (not shown) is a sticker from Club Scrap that says "family"

Inside the box is 8 chipboard "pages" with a hole in the corner for a ball chain. I took it apart and used just plain old glue stick to cover each page and attach my paper.

I used letter stickers from wordsworth and put each person's initial on the front of the paper, and their pic on the back. Each letter I outlined with a black pen. A tip: Shade your letters (I always do right side and bottom) with a platinum colored brush marker. It really makes your stickers pop.

On the back of the card with each person's initial, is a photo of them. Not necessarily from the past year, but pics of them I really like.

Couples, I put their pics together, as well as their initials. I also used just a plain black pen to write out each person's name next to their letter.

Reassemble and viola! You're done. The longest part of this, was finding the pictures. It's something I literally could have done in an hour, with one sheet of paper!

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