Saturday, November 22, 2008

The corn man cometh....

and the corn man taketh away.

They are finally harvesting around the house. It looks so bare, but in the end, I'm glad they have finally come. Something new, something different. Now the racoons and mice will say "Look! To the oasis!" Only the oasis is CLOSED FOR BUSINESS! LOL.

Quicky post. We're waiting for Amber and Cole to show up any minute. They wanted to see Twilight, so we said we'd go with them. I bought tickets at 4 p.m and their was a line out the door, so it's gonna be packed... and I don't sit in the middle. I like to sit near the aisle so we need to be their EARLY. We'll see what all this hype is about and I'll give a thumbs up or down.

Went to pick up Gene's new glasses today - they 'upgraded' *wink* him to bifocals. He seems to be doing well. He managed to talk me into getting my eyes checked. It was November of *2000* last time I was in. No kidding LOL. I have worn nothing since then, although I'd worn contacts for years. I just don't have to have them to see. I have noticed lately that my eyes are feeling very odd after a shoot. Well, just the right eye trying to super focus.

In the end, the eye doctor said my eyes are better without glasses than his are with glasses. Sad. I probably could have saved $79.00. He gave me a trial pair of contacts and I don't see a HUGE difference. I'm not sure if I'm going to wear them or not. Maybe a pair of glasses instead, although a year of contacts is just $40 after a rebate. (which would last me 3 years at the rate I wear them). We'll see. I have a month to decide I suppose.

We then went to st. joe. Had Gene's belated birthday lunch. He took me to MY fav place to eat. LOL. he's so sweet. Hit michaels, looked at new computers at best buy, looked at computers at Sams. Bought huge bottle of baileys. Mmmm... I caved. Bought a ginormous pie to take to mom's for thanksgiving.

Gas is $1.47!! in st. joe. GET OUT.

it's freaking 1998 all over again.
Came home, stopped at walmart, Gene tried my very last nerve. LOL. We need to insulate the under house water filtration system, and he had in his head what he wanted, which they don't make. Any suggestion made by me was met with a FAIL.

Ipods are the devil


I need Tanner to come home so he can fix this thing. I'm sick of looking at it. I am about to give up. No really. I'd like to stomp on that little cute green shuffle with the heel of my new mary janes. It'd be so worth it.

"Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?"

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