Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Look at it this way, we now get 2.5 years of *peace* before we have to start hearing about elections again.

I'm so glad this election is finally over.

Am I happy with the results, no, of course not. Am I going to slit my wrists? No. Personally I think both candidates sucked. Mccain was barely a republican to start with, Palin carried him in that department IMO.

Now is just the time to pray for the best. You have no other choice.

It's been so busy here the past few weeks with the fair and the garage sale, and then on top of that some shoots, editing photos, working on the website. I've been working 10-12 hour days (which I LOVE btw). I was editing pics until midnight last night, and wanted to keep going but was so tired I was forced to go to bed.

In return, I've been given a present of a nice cold sore. yay me {sarcasm} I did a little research and found that L- Lysine and Vit C will help reduce the life of a cold sore so I bought a pile of it last night. It seems to be working, it's very small and not very painful. The last one I had several years ago was big, annoying and embarassing.

Today, I met with another bride, Brigett. She is so sweet and her fiance is in Iraq right now. He'll be home in March. I will be doing their wedding photos in September and I'm *so excited*. She sounds like she really wants to do something "different", which is what I'm hearing from brides. The photographers in the area are great, and take nice portraits - for sure, but I think brides with sites like theknot, bridal magazines and TV shows like Platinum Weddings are looking for something out there - something special. *that* is what I'm striving for.

Got some errands done now that I have a car, but forgot to pick up the stupid deposit check, and I DROVE RIGHT BY. *grr* I also stopped by the storage unit and have all the halloween decor down to a large tub and a med sized tub. That's more than enough. Anything new coming in, something old has to go out. Period.

I'm going to work on getting my christmas decor culled down too. I have until the end of the month to get rid of my storage unit so I'm going to work on it a bit every few days. I'd like to get that down to like 4 boxes. *for real* I have probably double that if not more. I have 3 christmas trees! (ok I like them all). But I really don't get to put all that stuff out anymore, so it's time to face reality. I don't need a ceramic bear dressed like santa. And I need to get it done soon so the local thrift store can sell it before the holidays.

I also need to work on my stock photos today (I have a BILLION to add) OK, maybe 1/2 billion.

Then edit edit edit.

I'll probably share more photos later if I have time!

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