Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fly me to the moooooon...

Gene and I really want to go on a honeymoon. Really. Why not before now? Well, after the wedding, the girls were here for 3 weeks for starters, plus, since Gene started his new job in April, he had no vacation time, so any budget had to include all those lost wages.

So we kick around lots of ideas. Hawaii has always been at the top of the list, but I guess Southwest no longer flies there. (that was short lived). I really would like to see DC someday, but he's seen it - more than he ever wanted to. (He has a really funny NRA/Clinton story from when he was there). We contemplated saving for a couple years and going to Italy, which we probably would have ended up there had we stayed at Kenton. My main issue is dropping all the $$ it takes to go someplace. I've turned into a money hoarder. Go to Italy for a week, or buy a garage. Garage always wins out, but I end up being annoyed at garages.

So yesterday, I started researching flights to Chicago. Now when I say research, I mean I went to the website once and looked at prices. Schweet. The prices are stuck around 2001 prices (pre-911) and I'm really contemplating just comitting and buying the tickets.

I've always loved Chicago. I used to go about 1-2 times a year. 45 minute flight, enough to drink a diet coke and then land. So many cool things to see.. it's a fun city. So for now, Chicago is winning out, although I've been there at least a dozen times, I wouldn't mind going again!

April in Chicago is awesomely beautiful!

Had to share some funny pics of Amy and Zac. I finished their editing on Sunday and made a couple "pic" mosaics that normally would just be trashed. Not really something you'd normally hang on your wall, they are a bit fuzzy, but you can see how fun these two are together.

1. The hip bump. 2. The eye poke 3. Elbow to the gut.
She wins again!

OMG I'm engaged!!

When you have your pics taken... HAVE FUN. Sure it's uncomfortable at times to have a camera pointed at your face, but slow down, have fun, act like yourself! In the end, you'll truely capture the real you!!

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