Monday, November 24, 2008

Craziness ensues at the Cease Fire Ranch

One of the suppliers that I'm buying prints from, is having a big sale on 16 x 20 prints. I really want to hang some of my *artwork* in the house as really, I've only put up portraits, not really anything else.

I want it to be pics I've taken here at the "ranch", all nature, very simple yet graphic, and bright.

Here's my options:

The tree and the dandelion are in. Both are 2 of my fav pics ever. I really like the sky, I think it's well balanced. It's much more impressive when you see my neighbors house below it as it looks HUGE, but I didn't want a pic of the neighbors hanging in my living room. Gene voted for the sky, but liked the raindrop too. I personally like them both but neither makes me say *oh i love you*.


I ordered all 4. They were such a good deal I wasn't out a whole lot, plus I can hang the extra someplace in the house.

I spent a great deal of time today literally yelling at Sprint. My gut told me to not get the cells from them, but they had the best reception and that was a problem. Basically, Gene and I like to take pics with our phones. Sometimes we email them to each other or other ppl. With tmobile, no problem, they came straight to the phone. *now* with sprint, you have to go to a website via the phone, and even tho you can "receive" them for free, you have to view them on your pc, which IMO is bullshit. I was told no less than 5 times that there was no additional charges.

After having to yell in slow English to 2 women in the Philippines, I hung up on them - she called me back and I hung up on her again. Such a long long long story short, I called again on a different # and argued with one woman in America, then asked for a supervisor and explained how antiquated that process was since I was sending msgs with tmobile for 3 years with no problem. She actually agreed with me.
I get it. It's another way to gig ya... but don't swear on your dead grandma that I won't be charged anything extra, don't print materials that only reveal your true pricing if you understand the technical aspects of the inner workings of sprint messaging software (ie: employees - if that), and then, claim that it's all in writing and I should know.

In the end, she gave me data transfer for free. So no more .03/kb to view a photo on my phone (which takes about 7 steps now, and was one before. sigh).

but don't fret, it's sprint, so this will still be wrong, and in 30 days, I'll have to speak to them at least once more, probably twice because my bill will be screwed up. Been there done that.
At the SAME TIME, my land line/Internet went crazy. Embarq actually came out within a couple hours and I think fixed the issue. Seems that there was a problem with the line down the road from me. I knew I wasn't crazy... and I paid the bill!

So basically, that put me behind schedule today for pretty much everything. I see a late night catching up with emails and things I should have had done today!

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Embarq Joey said...


I'm glad to hear that your service was repaired promptly. If there's anything I can do to help please let me know. You can email me at or follow me on Twitter at Have a good day!

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