Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Man!

{Circa 1961}

Today is Gene's Birthday. He is XX years old. Or years young. Whatever.

Last night I got a burst of energy, so I sat up and scrapbooked a page with NINE pics on it from the zoo. Considering I took 281 (really), I only have a trillion pages to go.

Anyway, I pulled out the standby stickers (word stickers from autumn leaves) and there was a big "G is for Grateful" sticker. I decided to make him an on the fly b-day card. It took me about 5 min, and I wrote a little note inside about how grateful I was to have him and that I loved him blah blah blah. ;)

I left it on the microwave and this morning woke up to a little love note back:
And some of you question why I love him so much.

So happy birthday baby. I love you!
Some pics from the past year. I can't say they are my favs, but they were the ones I found off hand in 5 min.. and he probably has had more pics taken of him in the past year, than in his entire life! lol.

{ On the boat with amber and cole in August}

{Planting our new pear trees - in June}

{Moments before marrying me - with Chris - In July}

{OH MY GOD WE'RE SO HIGH.... Goofing off on the Ferris Wheel at the fair in July}

I so badly wanted to share some other cornball pictures, but the last one is really the bravest I can get before he would KILL ME. LOL. Oh trust me, I've got some good ones. Lesson: Never make a stupid face when I'm taking pics of you. It will be caputured forever. I don't delete them... they are my favorites.

In other news..

I think I'm going to St. Joe today. There's a couple things I want to pick up, and with gas at $1.75/gallon, it's like going for FREE. Yay for helping the economy! heh.

Last night I kicked ass on christmas shopping. Somewhere around midnight I *started* on amazon, ended up over on eBay and I bought 4 christmas presents. Well, 3, we'll see if I win that 4th one or not in 3 hours.

Go me.

Also, complete tangent. Jingles is driving me nuts. He has this horrible howling habit that makes me want to choke his pretty little neck. Usually around 11 a.m., I'll stick him under the covers in my bed and he'll sleep until 4-7 p.m. (oh to be a cat). Anyway, for the past week or so, he's been standing by the dryer looking up howling his HEAD OFF. Kinda like Lassie trying to get Timmy to help save the boy who fell in the well. Only annoying.

I think I might have it figured out.

It's the sun... it isn't shining on the dryer like it was a month ago. *sigh* He would lay up there in the sun for 1/2 the day. I think he is pissed at me, because i went and moved the sun.

Thank god he's cute, or I'd have the softest pair of mittens *ever*

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