Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm still alive...

See... proof:
I've not posted for a few days. Mainly because sometimes surprisingly, I do have a life outside of this blog. So for those that are checking the blog 4-8 times a day waiting. A.) here ya go. and B.) dude, seriously, go hug your children and make a turkey sandwich, watch a movie and get out more.

So, the corn is all gone now. The corn in back was taken out earlier this week, then across the road, they took it all out on Wednesday night, and all day Thursday. I suppose they were trying to beat the snow which came today.

{my back deck this morning}

Unfortunately, that screwed up their Turkey day. Happy thanksgiving to the farmers that worked on Thanksgiving. Without you there'd be no food on the table... well, maybe but it wouldn't be nearly as good!

Speaking of which, Carol kicked some serious butt on the T-day dinner.

There was only one "minor" incident. She wouldn't let me take a photo, so here's a reinactment:

Maybe not quite that bad. :p

I also took some maternity pics of Laura. I'll share some on a seperate post, probably next week as I have been backed up on some other pics.

Friday I spent with Mom and Amber black friday shopping. Started out kinda rough.

The rough part started Thursday night. I was wanting a paper, and we couldn't find ONE between Olathe and Maryville. *nothing*. Sigh. But in the process I remembered that Michaels was having cricut cartridges for $29.99 (regularly $90) I talked Gene into stopping by. Huge mistake, backed up by the fact that I saw they had restocked on Saturday.

So Thanksgiving night, I'm in Michaels, pick out a couple, get in line, which is long, clear back into the flowers. There's a man in front of me, and shortly after I come up, a woman gets behind me. Then, about 3-5 min later, I noticed this woman coming down another aisle and I thought she was trying to cross the line. I heard the guy in front of me say something like "ma'am the line for this lane is behind me." Then she said something back but I didn't hear it.

I called mom, for details of what the plan was for Friday, and in the meantime, the line moved. He started to move forward and the lady cutting in says "What do you THINK YOU ARE DOING!?" And he says "I'm moving forward. We've been standing here a long time" She says "So have we!" (which she hadn't because I saw her walk up, so it was after me.)

Then, the bitchy woman's cackly FAT friend says to the guy "You Fat F**k!"


Happy freakin' thanksgiving ppl.

So I move up, the line splits and the guy is in one aisle and I'm in another. I get off the phone with mom and turn to the guy and loudly say, "and you were right, we were there first." He tells me thank you, and I then tell him, "Actually, you were in front of me. Please go before me" and let him cut into my lane.

All the while the women who called him names (and he was not fat, he was probably 6' 3" and 250... a big guy, but not "fat"... the woman that called him that was plus sized. I don't even know if he heard what she said).. anyway they were cackling like hens THE WHOLE TIME.

What is wrong with ppl? I was so embarassed for them. They really gave scrapbookers, women, plus sized women, SAHM, crafters, midwesterners, etc a really bad name. THEY are the reason why some ppl think we are back woods, bitches, fat asses, uncouth (ok, I'm kinda uncouth at times lol), lazy stepford wives. *sigh*

So anyway..

Back to friday. I met mom and Amber at Walmart - actually I never saw amber, we split up and they came seperate. I did not get the TV that mom was wanting. 20 ppl, 8 TV's.... didn't work out. I didn't position myself right - and my heart wasn't in it. I got the few things I wanted and made the mistake of going back by electronics. *NUTSO*

This is absolutely the worst black friday I've ever seen EVER EVER. no kidding. There were ppl freaking everywhere. Most were polite, but I've seen more unpolite than ever before.

I blame the economy. So you all decide you wanna save some money finally? Maybe you shoulda been thinking about that 4 years ago. Just sayin.

So we started at 5 a.m., I left mom and Amber at 2 p.m., then I went to Home Depot, Sam's Club and ended at Kohls. I had a gift card from when I returned something 2 years ago and then I couldn't find the merchandise credit card... I found it a couple months ago in an old purse I haven't used in ages. I picked up something for Gene - on sale, and then used the $10.75 card - only spending $5.42. Sweet.

Never been a fan of Kohls. Totally overrated, completely overpriced.

Spoils of war

Here's mack. He's helpin' out with the goodies. He got a new cat bed yesterday. Jingles and he would fight over the other one I had, so this one was a good deal so now they don't have to share anymore.

Oh.... and last thing.
Gas in St. Joseph Missouri - $1.37 yesterday.

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