Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Fall Ya'll

Today is a little bit of me day. Here it is 12:30 and I'm still in my PJ's. I decided I was going to do a few things *I* wanted to do. Unfortunately, that still includes dishes and laundry (that gene said he did, but really, he washed his work clothes and left them in the dryer... in his mind, laundry... CHECK. LOL)

Yesterday morning, I had a photo shoot with Denae and Jesse. They were really sweet. He's quiet and she was super giggly. That means lots of smiles, which makes my job easier. Unfortunately it was SUPER COLD. My plan of sneaking into the library to get some funky (different) shots was foiled by the fact that the library didn't open until 9 a.m.!! DOH. So everything had to be outside, but really, even tho the shoot was shorter than usual, we still ended up with tons of awesome shots.

Here are my favorites from the shoot:

She has the most beautiful amazing eyes. I could have taken pics of just her eyes for 20 min easily.

We were lucky and found a tree in a park that still had the beautiful orange leaves on them. Sadly many are gone and things are turning icky and brown. Bleh. Welcome winter. That's why god makes snow, to cover up all that muck.

Today as part of "it's all about me - cept for the laundry", I'm working on the "CEASE" letters that I told you about last week. I am finally going to get the big window with panes painted in the same color, and then get pics to put in each window (8). Hard to explain, I'll just show pics when I'm done!

Yesterday after the shoot, I went up to Amber's to get my hair done. I've not taken any pics yet, because like I said, I'm still in my PJ's and my hair is all messy and really, that's too much work. hah. It's really dark underneath and then she put brown/caramel/blonde on top. Very different from what I've had in the past. It'll take me a bit to get used to. Gene thought it was red when I sent him a pic. Um. not sure how he got that but ok.

Someone should have taken me up on that $100 bet yesterday on the corn near the house. It was still here when I got home, and now it's rainy and yucky out. So it will probably still be here for a while. I read an article the other day, that harvesting is a month behind schedule due to the floods we had in the spring and replanting.

These 2 guys above, were parked up the road yesterday morning.

OK, off to get things done!

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