Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Amy and Zac

These 2 were fun! Always smiling and making funny faces. You really can tell that they love each other.

My overly used, classic fav - legs only. I promise you, I will continue to overuse this shot because it's my camera and I'll do what I want :p

This is something I normally do not do. I usually do a little vignetting, color pop/saturation or desaturation... etc. But not the "weird" filters. I got to playing with this filter and made a "sketch" of one of the photos. I really liked it, and Amy is the artsy fartsy type, so I think she'll like it too.

Love this shot... sexy and fun both.
I'm about 1/3 done editing their photos, have the rest of Eric's to edit yet too. When I get done, I will probably add a couple outtakes from Amy and Zac's shoot. I have some really hilarious shots. Not engagement worthy I suppose, but really captured their personalities.

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