Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh this exciting life I lead

I have basically nothing exciting to share at all. I'm so boring lately. No pics since Sunday, and those were boring house pics anyway. I really don't feel like going out and finding something to photograph, although I've only taken like 20 pics on my brand new 30d. :(

Last night it rained like crazy hard and electricity is fine. Today, slight breezy and my electricity flickers and I lose all my stuff I had open. wth?

I did work on editing Eric's pics last night. I've decided that shoots need to be shorter as I walk away with so many pics I love, that I have a hard time culling them out, and also the fact that it takes me too long to edit them all!

I'm working on a facebook page, which is nothing more than a basic website, but for facebookers. I'm sorta starting to "get" facebook. I can see how fun it could potentially be, but I still feel old when I'm on there. Link on the right.

Today of course, let me try to finally get to that one spot I've been trying to get to all week to pick up the deposit check. *sigh* I want to try to finish up eric's stuff which will probably be several more hours and having some honest conversations with myself about which pic is better ... this one or that one.. and prune them back quite a bit.

I need to go pay the light bill because I keep forgetting, and did you know they don't let you keep using electricity when you don't pay for it? wow... communist pinkos. We're liberals now. I should get that stuff for free.

I need to figure out some sort of calendar/reminder system for shoots/clients because my memory is not going to serve me well, and my little date book already looks chicken scratched up. I might delve into parts of outlook never seen before.

I will probably add a few more stock photos - but it takes too long IMO. I hate writing keywords because I sit and look at an awesome pic of corn, and have to come up with not only a description that's better than "awesome pic of corn", but it needs to be at least 7 words. Oh, and 10-30 keywords. Please describe corn or corn related products in 20 keywords to draw customers. GO!

Harder than you think. I did start using "Ethanol" on all corn pics. Clever one I am.

Maybe I'll swing by storage and stare at the heap of christmas terror. ohhh.. I can take my camera and get a pic of those metal shelves I've been meaning to sell. but BlEH... they're black metal shelves. Got a mental picture? OK, well then why do I need to show you?

I'm apparently growly today eh? Heh.

Gotta rock out and get back to work!

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