Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful Thursdays

Which brings me to my Thankful Thursday.

More things around me that I'm so thankful for.
Inspiration - So happy to have inspiration in my life in many forms, family, friends, other artists, flickr, magazines. Simple things... some I even come up with on my own.

Communication - Imagine what your world would be like, without the internet, cell phones, good old land lines, email, snail mail... your voice. Sure, I suppose sometimes it's good to get away from it all, but communication is what brought Gene and I closer together. Talking on the phone made us learn so much more about each other. Those rides back and forth to work every day - 1.5 hours each way, we usually had interesting coversations, or spirited debates, or sometimes just hand holding. But we ended up closer. This wonderful square headed boyfriend of mine (my computer) has opened me to a whole new world of ppl that have taught me, befriended me and inspired me... even this stinkin' blog that sometimes leaves me feeling like I'm talking to myself. That cell phone makes it easy at any given moment to be within earshot of someone I love. And sometimes that's a not a good thing. LOL.

The ability to connect. That's good stuff.

Determination - These past few years, I've slowly built a determination for many things. Better photography, better friends, unwillingness to get used by ppl, lose a few pounds (still working on that), to *better myself*. If we were not determined, we'd be slugs on our couches (well, some are slugs on their couches, but we can't help those poor souls). It feels good to set a goal, and to try, and even if you don't make it, the satisfaction of knowing that you have improved yourself.

Love - no matter how much you give away, there's always enough for everyone.

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