Friday, November 14, 2008

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{Sunset out my back door on Sunday night}

Another day nearly gone. Why does time seem to travel so fast!?

Today was productive. I actually got the shower checked off the list. Yeah it's sad when you schedule your shower. Have to do that when it takes longer to mess with your hair and do makeup etc. Plus, I think I might be allergic to the hair color amber used. Ever since she colored it, my ears are about to itch off, then today, I had a HUGE patch of dry skin on my forehead and cheek. All scrubbed off. Maybe it just dried me out. I'm a "dry" type person anyway.

I actually started my day with a bowl of cereal and 3 back to back Holmes on Homes shows. I love that guy! He's incredibly smart, incredibly tough, incredibly giving and damn if he's not incredibly hot. IMO anyway LOL. If you hadn't noticed I kinda like the bulldog type.

Met with Sarah today, she's really sweet and getting married next summer in the park here in Maryville. It's actually a park where I've taken pictures on several occasions so I'm excited about that. I'll be doing her photography for her, plus, I'll get to do an engagement session in the spring. I've already got some fun ideas!

Tonight is crazy windy out, so it's appropriate that the Wizard of Oz is playing in the background. Right now, they are singing about the Lollipop guild.. only the BEST PART of the whole movie. I remember when I was little being scared as crap by that movie. The monkies scared me (and most ppl). I still watched it tho.

Tomorrow morning I meet with Eric and his mom. Eric was the senior I did portraits for last month. I was really happy with how they turned out. They'll be looking over their proofs tomorrow. After that my weekend is completely open! Well, except for going to get Gene's glasses tomorrow. It's time for a new set, and he's going to get an extra set just to wear for work. Think Buddy Holly. bleh. I told him to change them as he came into the house.

My goal for the weekend is to finish Amy and Zac's session editing so they can see all their awesome pics!

At some point, we'll probably end up at that stupid storage unit doing some cleaning and organizing as the storage on one side ends at the end of the month. I really prefer not to do it all by myself! I will probably just start bringing the christmas stuff home and sort it here instead of in the cold. I also have a bunch of old designers library stuff in there I think I'm going to have a BIG SALE and get rid of 95% of it. Watch for that. Don't expect it in the next week either. LOL.

Can I just say one other thing?
I'm so sick of Oprah. There i got it out. I'm so sick and tired of her idea that she can single handly change the world and that she thinks she knows better for me than I do. Really, I think that she has gotten wayyyyy too big for her britches (think Starr Jones honey). And personally, I think that Obama sold his soul to the devil.. and her name is Oprah.

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Tina said...

I just love reading your blogs. They make me laugh is also a learning technique for me :) Your work is outstanding !!!

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