Sunday, November 9, 2008

Meet Riley

We hung out today for a bit, taking pics of Riley and her mom and Dad. We did a combo of baby, engagement, family shoot all in one.

Man was it COLD.

She was a trooper otherwise. Only got bored a tiny bit. Riley was a turtle for Halloween, so they wanted to get pics of her cutie turle costume sans turtle head. heh. This is Riley, getting ready to eat a leaf.

She kinda stole the show. Sorry.

This is Jeff and Courtney - aka - the 'rents. We only had to smack Jeff twice to get him to loosen up. :)
They were fun and sweet - and husker fans. Don't hold that against the poor dears. :) heh.

Too bad it was so freaking cold.
And I have another shoot in the morning, and it's supposed to be colder. So working on "options" for the long stinking winter.

On the way home saw this:
Just up the road. About 1/4 mile from the house. Tomorrow I go to Iowa to get my hair done. I will bet $100 the combines will come in when I'M GONE. GRR. I will be so stinkin' annoyed if they do.

I'll post a hair after pic. I haven't decided for sure what color I wanna do. Blond of course, but amber is hell bent on coloring my hair something that Tiffany Amber Thiesen did for her wedding. I'm kinda leaning towards highlights as usual. Whatever I do, I need to do it asap as my hair needed it 2 months ago. It's bad. I'm tempted to go my natural color for a while.

Yesterday went to the crop, got a few wedding pages done, and about 1/2 of Laura's baby shower cards done. Well, each card is half done, none are completely done. They'll be cute. Victorian baby shower themed is not easy. I had an OK time. Left early. *over stimulation* Plus I was tired and getting cranky.

Today I talked Gene into going to st. Joe again. The goal was to find and buy a dishwasher. Once again, came home with nothing. They have some really stupid ppl working in Home Depot that sent me on a goose chase between them and Lowes. By that time I had to get back to get ready to shoot.

We wasted too much time at Famous Daves, but I will say, this is the first time they actually had perfect service.
I'm deathly tired today. So that's about the extent of my wit and witticisms today. I'm OUT.

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