Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Merry farking Christmas ppl... now MOVE.

I'm gonna try to make this a quicky post, as gene is on his way home and I gotta start supper and straighten up a bit.

Went to St. Joe and had a good trip. I got some christmas presents out of the way. Decided on what my "homemade craft" will be this year. Seems like every year, there's something that I do a bunch of for EVERYONE. This is so me and i think it will go over well. I was trying to wrack my brain and think of everyone that might like it.

I went to Jesse James Antique mall, and hit the motherload of awesome photography props for CHEAP. In fact, once I hit this booth, I just made myself leave and not finish because I was gonna spend more. LOL.

I saw this first. Sooooo cute worn out yellow step ladder. $12. Even sat on it and figured if it'll hold me, surely it'll hold up to a toddler. Hopefully. It passed the test.

Awesome cute cute cute red shabby chic chair. If I were to draw a picture of the perfect wood only photography chair for a prop, this is what it would look like. It fits in the back seat of the car. Double score.. Oh, and $8.95

Really sweet hand crochet baby afgan. Really great condition. I've seen pics of babies on them, and wanted one badly as I don't have a white one. I got it for $4.95 - I'd Never in a MILLION YEARS make it for that.

And that sweet little hat, just fits over my fist. Perfect for a newborn sitting. It was between this and a bigger green one, but I think this one is so perfect for a boy or a girl. $10 and that is a steal for these little hats. On Etsy or Ebay, they sell for $20+

And as a bonus, I ran into an old scrapbook buddy that actually owns the place (her and her husband). She was working for the day.

Got home and I won my ebay auction. Since Cheyenne doesn't read the blog I suppose I could share. We bought her an Ipod Shuffle for christmas. In the stores it retails for $50, but with ebay and an ebay coupon, i got it brand new for $30. Score. I'm going to fill it with some of her favorite music, which will be easy because I've been saving pepsi points from Gene's pepsi addiction (that sounds like a band name). So she'll have plenty of teeny stuff to listen to. I never listen to music.... I take that back, I listened to christmas music on the way home.

Only 2 incidents of wanting to punch ppl in the face today, which is good considering the season we're coming upon makes people more stupid by the second. Got stuck in line not once, but twice at Best Buy. Dumbarse me, picked up the wrong ink the other day, and had to exchange it. First I get behind the guy that doesn't even know how to use his debit card, who is buying a computer, printer, extended warranty and god knows what else was in that cart. Then, I made the mistake of talking to a moron about ink and then computers. I really was trusting his opinion of computers until the point I brought up refresh rate on a monitor and he started talking about contrast.

Know the difference between a car salesman and a computer salesman?

The car salesman knows when he's lying to you.

That never gets old.

So on the way back, I get stuck behind the chick that is buying TWO DVRs and a netgear wireless modem, and extended warranties for them all. But she was the better one.

The other lane had the mom and the daughter, in matching long denim skirts, black boots and grey hoodie sweatshirts. *dork*cough*dork*. Mean I know, but they were annoying as hell. Apparently, mom was picking up daughters laptop that was there for repair, and they were having a huge discussion on when it was bought and if it was under warranty... not that anyone cared or asked, she just decided that we all needed to hear about it. Then the daughter, whom had a hearing problem (I know this because I saw her hearing aid) was ignoring her mother because she couldn't lift her head out of her book for 3 seconds to answer her. Yes, she was in best buy with her nose buried in a book. Something told me it was probably a harry potter. So basically, everything that mom said she had to repeat because daughter needed to be smacked or her hearing aid turned up one or the other, and she had to e.nun.ci.ate. every single word the second time, I'm sure because she thought daughter couldn't hear her, but in reality, daughter was IGNORING HER. (probably turns down her hearing aid on purpose).

And JUST when you think they are going to go away, mom starts up a new topic THREE TIMES. I so badly wanted to tell her to shut up and grow some social skills.

I'm sure she thought she was cool, as the line had to look at her for 1/2 hour.

I was so pissed by the time I left.

Second time was at Target, not quite as bad but I was still stinging from Best Buy. there had to be 20-25 ppl in line, and 2 checkers. Hmm. took FOREVER to get more lines, and then the stupid cow right behind me took the open lane although I was standing right NEXT TO IT. Sigh. The line I was in, was moving unbearably slow because friendly no-teeth had to have a full on conversation with every customer. Oh, and the customer 2-3 up from me had 700 $1.00 spot items. And then daughter (2 or 3) wanted tic tacs. AFTER everything else was rung up. Mom literally said "Honey, can I please get this someplace else??"

Of course the answer was no... nice to see the 2 year old was in charge.

So mom had to get out her *credit card* (I saw her sign for it), for .79 in tic tacs. no shit.

Aren't I just a bundle of holiday joy?

I really DID end up having a good day, not that you can tell now. LOL.

Someday I'll share the story about when I got someone fired at Kmart on Christmas eve. No really. Technically she got herself fired, but I was apparently the straw the broke the camel's back. Or maybe I'll save that story for my christmas cards (if I actually send any).

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