Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The more things change.....

Cattle in the mist
November 2, 7:30 a.m.

Plans change.

Made an appt for my nails today and had several errands to run in town. I needed to do the nails, stop and pick up a check that was a deposit, but most importantly, I needed to vote, which was stop #1. I got all ready, make up and all and head out the door. I stopped momentarily to pack up a few halloween decorations to take to storage as I was going to work on that for 10-15 min.

Put the keys in the ignition and it started, then died.. then *nothing*.


I knew immediately it was the battery. That car is a bitch on batteries - always has been. One second you're fine, the next the car won't start. So I put on my big girl panties, got out some tools, and tried to rough up the battery posts and inside cables. I also checked to make sure it hadn't dried out, which that was fine. Put everything back on, turned it on and *clickclickclickclick*. Yep. Battery.

We just bought one not too long ago, but I think the alternator going out zapped this one. FINE. I want a freaking 4 year battery next time.

So, I called Gene, he's going to try to get off early so I can make it to the polls. I *will* go if I have to go on a bicycle. LOL. Oh wait I don't have a bicycle. Probably should start walking NOW cuz that's how long it would take me to get to town!

Since Gene's boss said that he could be late if he had to be to vote, I'm hoping he'll be ok with him getting off a wee bit early to take me! lol.

In other news, I got my external drive finally hooked up. It kicked my butt. weird. I installed the software, did what it said, and it wouldn't let me set it up so I gave up. Then I got up yesterday and it just magically was working. weirdx2. So I moved a bunch of pics from my hard drive, to the external and now I have a faster moving computer. heh. I doubled my harddrive space for like $30. Don't be too impressed, I have a small harddrive.

Michael chastised me for not buying an internal drive, but at that point it was too late.

And just for fun, today is mine and Gene's 4 month anniversary. Last night we were talking about it and wanted to say Neener neener to all those that said it wouldn't last.


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