Friday, November 7, 2008

And now my favorite topic... ME!

Well, I know you're just on pins and needles waiting for a post. :p

I went to St. Joe today for a little me time. Never told Gene I was going even. Nothing specifically that I wanted other than some wooden letters to spell out our name like this on our accent wall that you seen from almost every room in the house.

Really got into christmas shopping although I don't have much left to do. I keep finding things I want to buy for ppl I've already bought too much for (Cadience, Madison and Amber) and nothing for those ppl I really need to find stuff for (Gene, Seth and Bud).

Found REALLY CUTE stuff for the new baby. I can't wait to be crazy Aunt Lana *again* and spoil her. Also got some stocking stuffers - that's something I normally save until a few days before because I *like* the craziness, but I can't pass up fun bargains.

Stopped at the Rusty Chandelier, which for the record, I could drop $10k there in under an hour, but instead, I just bought a pair of antique roller skates (no key) to put under my antique themed christmas tree. ($7) I didn't need them, but darn, I knew I'd think about them for weeks until they were gone. They'll go well with my raggy annes that I put under that tree.

Got home, with a msg from another bride wanting to book my services for this summer. I'm excited! Several brides so far, and most of them weren't even on my radar. I'm fairly confident of 2-3 more.

Tomorrow, all day crop. I'm going to work on Laura's baby shower invites, which I have zero idea what I'm going to do, but I thought that'd be a good all day project. Plus, I'll take along some wedding photos to scrap in case I get bored. I'll take pics. *of course*

Tomorrow also is Seth's 19th birthday.

I can't believe I have half ownership in an almost 2 decade child. ARGH. I do feel better because 2 ladies at the nail salon the other day asked me if I was a college student. heh. whooop. Fat. That is my secret. It fills out wrinkles. seriously.

I would share photos of seth, but really folks, you've seen almost every single picture known to man of seth this past few months. He pretty much looks the same, and well, that birth story never gets old.

Happy Birthday Seth!!
Only 7 more years and you can legally drink. No really.
Luv you.

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