Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Drummonds - Ree and Ladd aka Pioneer Woman and Marlboro Man

I was doing a google today, because I honestly only wanted to know one little bit of information, Is Pioneer Woman (now of Food Network Fame) going to do a book tour, and will she be near me?

Innocent enough right?

Oh dear, you can find about anything on the internet and I've been sucked into a stalker-ish void for a couple hours. Things like, Ree's husband, Marlboro Man's real name is Ladd Drummond. He doesn't look like a Ladd, but it could grow on you. They live in Pawhuska, Oklahoma and own a ranch - Drummond Land and Cattle Company. I have no idea what their wedding looked like, but I know some ppl come here thinking I do. How weird is that?

I happened to notice today (updated post) that she has another new cookbook coming out soon.  I know people love to hate on her and her food and says "Pioneer woman Sux!" but truth is, I really liked the first cookbook.  However, I was raised on meat and potatoes for most meals.  (explains the big butt)
There's other stuff like the kids names (Alex, Paige (which I could have guessed, she looks like a Paige) Bryce and Todd). Ree's real name is Ann Marie - which is pretty, but doesn't fit her.  Am I wrong?  She doesn't look like an Ann Marie to me.

Or the fact that MM's family tend to get a lot of tickets - and get out of tickets. Ehh... now that's just jealousy talkin' there. Apparently MM's family is the 76th largest land owner in the US. Again, jealousy talking here.... maybe not. Something like 100,000 acres in Oklahoma, (they are huge cattle ranchers). That's a lot of mowing folks. (yes I'm not retarded, I know they don't mow the whole thing).

Apparently there are rumors that Ree is a fake because she really has a nanny. (blasphmy!! *sarcasm* If I coulda had a nanny, I would have too!).  I imagine there's a lot of help like hired hands, nannies, housekeepers and PR agents.  Because think about it, if you pulled down the cash that she has every day, wouldn't you be ok with having some hired help? 

Hells yeah.

Is she fake? I don't know, she has the Pioneer Woman franchise that she has to maintain. It's a brand like Paula Deen, James Bond or Dora the Explorer - must live up to that brand. So maybe she is fake. Do you expect her to flip out on her blog or worse, on TV? That will never happen, just as it will never happen with most celebrities in the spotlight (barring Charlie Sheen of course)

At this point, I will stop, anything further would be creepy and stalkerish, and we all know that I would never cross that line.

I'm perfectly normal.

I'm just sayin.


Please stick around, we're not cattle ranchers, we are chicken wranglers and photograph butterflies and small children, instead of cow nuts. But we try.


Sunny said...

I am ashamed that I, too, stumbled upon said information after a click fest on google. Sigh. She may have a nanny, but she still wears Spanx and cooks with butter- that's keepin' it real enough for me, man!

Floody said...

Like you, I did a little bit of skulking around, because I was curious. I also saw some incredibly mean posts about PW. But, like watching a train wreck, I kept reading.
I was pretty mad about both discoveries for several days. That PW is not as down to earth as she implies, and the vile and jealous meanness of some of the postings of her that I read. Mostly, I was upset about the latter, because of the obvious jealousy which was constantly stated as not jealousy.

I don't know.

I do know that I don't visit PW's site near as much because of my disappointment in both discoveries. It's not because she is well off, that's not it. Well, I don't know what it is that is bothering me....

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