Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jake and Kristin get married!! - Maryville, Missouri Wedding Photographer

I'm finally catching up a bit, so I can share just a few sneak peaks of photos from Kristin and Jake's wedding a couple weeks ago. I'll have many more to share in a week or so... my son graduates in a couple days, and my husband's three little granddaughters are coming to stay for 10 days! There has been a flurry of activity to get ready for both events at our house!

Kristin and Jake Get Married!

This is Kristin getting ready shortly before the wedding. There's about 8-9 of us in a small hotel room, and I'm standing on the chair for the shot.

Kristin and Jake Get Married!

Right before Kristin walks into the ceremony. She was outside, in a strapless dress and it was so chilly out! Plus it was trying to rain (but we lucked out, and there was none. Thankfully it held off for a couple hours), it was so chilly that she was wrapped in a quilt.

Kristin and Jake Get Married!

Jake and his guys wore these wonderful (and handsome) black western style tuxedos. I'm so jealous because my husband would have looked wonderful in this! DANGIT! (think I can get him to marry me again? ;)

Kristin and Jake Get Married!

I'm sure this is not the photo Kristin would pick, but I think it sums up their personality so well. Jake looking all lovey, and Kristin giggling. She is a serial giggler, which is great for photos. She was so happy the whole day!

Kristin and Jake Get Married!

She got him!

I'm so glad they let me take their wedding photos!

Guys, I will have more for you in a week or so!

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