Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Hi, I'm Bruce" {chorus:} "Hi BRUCE!"


Meet Bruce.
The Blue Spruce.

That's his brother Moose (named by Tanner btw) in the background. They are kind of depressed. They are a little blue.
*collective groan from the cheap seats*

These guys were my mother's day gift from Gene.



I've always wanted a blue spruce, and now I have 2. Little ones. I'm figuring they'll be as tall as Tanner sometime around the time that he graduates. In 25 years, they should be around 40-50 feet tall! My house will be blown away by then at this rate!

I'm on a major tree kick lately. If you've ever spent time here, you'd probably "get it". We have almost no trees and many of the ones we have are either ugly or not doing well. On that note, I think we have a mole and/or ground squirrel problem. Gene says I'm crazy. I say I am, but not in this case. Any tips on little burrowing critters? *sigh*

I even looked at that stuff where you spray gases in the tunnels and light it.

I think I could get him to go for that. lol.

And here's one of my other Mom's day gifts:


From the eldest critter of mine, that graduates in a few days. I missed his choir concert last night, which makes me sad, because I really did want to go.

I felt *so bad* last night, headache from hell and exhaustion. I'd had 3 nights in a row of little/restless sleep and I think it caught up with me. I'm better today. I went to bed at 11:00 p.m. (early for me) and slept til 8:30. A good nine hours. 2 more days of that and I'll feel great!


I spent a great deal of time on Sunday afternoon, working on a little flower garden next to my house.


See how pitiful it looks? It's packed full of about 30 bulbs which is so anticlimactic considering how much time you have to put into them. This garden section is small, about 4x4, but the whole length eventually will be 4' x 28'. Do you know how much it would cost to fill that full of perennials? ACK.

It was after that, that I ended up taking a 2 hour nap.

I'm old.

On completely different note, I'll be adding some stuff to my Kitschy Etsy Shop today. I am sooo behind, I have some awesome stuff to add!

Speaking of which, Gene and I found this awesome little antique store outside of Savannah. It's only open on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Turn East on Route E (next to sonic) and go about 5 miles to a T intersection. At that intersection, go right about a mile and it's at the top of a hill in a little old house. The house is a bit antique itself, but she has it set up cute, and her prices are really good.

Watch out tho, when we pulled up, she was outside throwing tomahawks.

for reals ppl
for reals.

PS. Bonus points for the first person that can name the movie that the title comes from :p


Mrs. S said...

Finding Nemo?

Lana said...


I love that movie

Mrs. S said...

When we bought our new tv it was the very first movie we watched :)

You're inspiring me to look into putting some trees in our yard. When we moved in there was a lone tree but it was blown over during our last hurricane. I miss trees :(

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