Monday, May 4, 2009

Robin Watch 2009 - we have beaks!

Friday, I checked the robin's nest, and only saw some eggs. Saturday, while trimming around the place, tanner peeked into the nest and saw something completely different.


So new they don't even lift their heads when you come around.


Unless you tap on the pole.

Or your brother opens his big mouth

Then it's game ON!

Nothing? Shoot... I'll go back to bed then.

There's one little robin that never raised his little head. I have a feeling that wee robin is going to get kicked out of the nest :( *no I will not raise a robin*. Sorry, I have issues with chewing on worms and spitting them in bird's mouths.

Call me crazy like that.

To follow along with Robin Watch 'ought-nine, click on the robin watch tag at the end of this post.


Just Kids said...

Great Photos !!!

Cathy said...

Awe! We have a robin's nest too and the eggs just hatched yesterday!

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