Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations

Have you seen Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations? It's a PBS show, that started in KC in 1995. From their website:

Since 1995, Randy, Mike and Don the Camera Guy have been loading up their cramped minivan to document outsider artists, grassroots art environments and offbeat attractions of all kinds exploring creativity across 39 states and 3 time zones. What began as a single show on a local Public Television station has grown into 54 half hour episodes and 3 one-hour specials, seen currently on PBS stations from coast to coast. From the Garden of Eden in Lucas, Kansas, to Dr. Evermor’s Forevertron in Baraboo, Wisconsin, and to Vollis Simpson’s Windmill Park in North Carolina (and countless places in between), the boys have shown viewers the best the back roads have to offer in terms of art and oddities, food and fun.

Ever since becoming a fan of the show, I always think of them while I'm on the road on vacation. I'll take photos of things I find humorous, odd, weird, unusual, maybe not rare, but definitely out of my normal every day viewing.

So our recent trip, I found a couple things, to add to my "rare" visions collection.


My first vision - a giant drivable lemon. How often do you see one of those?




I've always been a little fascinated with Table Rock Dam which dams up (obviously) Table Rock Lake. If you've never been there, there's a cool trout hatchery at the base where you can feed the trout. When I was a kid, we would go here every year. It was a lot more exciting when I was a kid. LOL. They had no netting over the large fish back then, so you could either get closer, or actually fall in. I'm sure my parents always took us there, because it's free. Free stuff is hard to find on vacations anymore.


A view of the marina, in our rear view mirror.


Looking at this, I want to go "WheeeeeeeEee" We have hills, but we don't have *Hills*.


And I really appreciate my neon, with A/C when I see a hill like this.


And this scene turned out not so rare, but that's ok because it wasn't hot.

which made me feel like I needed one of these... only one that floats:


This also made us miss our turn, because I wasn't paying attention and looking at 1/3 of a fake Titanic and cracking jokes about "touch a real iceberg!" (imaging some guy in back and lots of ice cube trays)


As I was on my explore, looking for scrapbook stores in Springfield, I ran across this cool mural and made a point to turn around and come back. It was the back side of a huge building, facing a main road. I still don't understand the reasoning of building it that way, but that's another story.

To get an idea of how huge the horses are:


And that's how I discovered the theatre where we saw Star Trek.

Now, you must share with me photos of your rare visions and/or roadside revelations!

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