Saturday, May 30, 2009

Let's get a little wild. Just a little

Whenever I go on vacation, I rarely buy a trinket from the area as a souvenir. In fact, I will frequently buy NOTHING (well, scrapbook supplies never count).

I used to buy postcards and scrapbook those, as I always said I couldn't take a photo as good as a postcard. Then, I'd start taking a few postcard quality photos and decided to heck with that, I'd just take my own!

OK, so maybe just a post card once in a while.


One of the things I love bringing home from a trip, is a memory card full of ... well.. memories. This trip was no exception. I didn't take as many as I usually do, but I did find myself taking photos of critters wherever I went. It was a nice change from the usual butterfly and bee photos you get to see here on a regular basis.


I loved this bird, I don't know what it is (anyone?). I loved the super awesome long tail, I bet he moves fast.


and her friend:



A guinea according to Gene. Biggest speckled wild turkey I've ever seen! I've never seen one before, and well, if you shake your head to the left and the right, it'll be in focus. Best I could do being in a slowly moving car on a busy highway. Men just don't play along!


Not wild, but they will be some day.


I hear you taste good. Lucky for you I don't like fish.


OK, so one bee. It's a south Missouri bee. Which I'm sure is completely different than a north Missouri bee.


I don't have any of these rare critters at my house. No really. I hear they like trees, I don't have any of those remember?


Mrs. Cardinal


And her husband, He's shy. I guess it's more than just my husband that doesn't want his photo taken.

A wedding today!
Remember Amanda and Derek? yeah them!

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Anonymous said...

Your mystery bird is a scissor-tail flycatcher - the state bird of Oklahoma. I have about 8 on the power line in my yard.

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