Sunday, May 10, 2009

Robin Watch 2009 - 2 days

These little creatures are so amazing. I told Gene that I made the mistake of only taking photos every OTHER day, and how neat it would be to be able to do a time lapse as I've never seen anything grow and change so fast in such a short period of time.

So, I took some new pics yesterday:



And then again today:




This is a close up of the feathers as they grow out of the tip of the shaft. I had no idea that this is how feathers grew. I admit, it's kinda creepy.


And here, in the reflection in it's eye, you can see me on the left and gene on the right. He had to come out and protect me!! Mamma Robin swooped down and landed on the basketball hoop only a couple feet above my head. LOL. Oooooops.

< /tolerance level off >

Almost ripe.
We're having robin kabobs at Seth's graduation party.

{we're having left over wings from the wedding. LOL. Jk again???}

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