Monday, May 18, 2009

I have accepted defeat...


On Friday, my computer shot craps.

That's probably a good thing in the long run as I've been avoiding the brand new computer like the plague. Not because there's anything wrong with it, but because I hate dealing with new programs blah blah. Read my last post.

Here's what I've figured out tho, I really like that this computer is so much faster. Faster than I've ever experienced considering that our dsl is the absolute lowest you can get (we're too far from the main station, it's this or it's dial-up).

Tanner suggested a few weeks ago, that I should buy a card reader. Now me, being the stubborn ass that I am, was perfectly happy with using my usb to download my photos which I have found out, takes like 12 times longer than the nifty card reader in the new computer! Now if I can figure out how to download the photos to sort by date like the eos download utility, I'll be a happy bunny. That Tanner, he's a smart cookie when it comes to computers, so if he gives you advice, ignore that he's 14, he's probably right. *defeat*

Now I just need photoshop elements and paint shop pro. Really old outdated versions of both. (I told you I drag my feet. dude. srsly.)

*Please note that all my pics at this point are straight out of the camera, so they don't like normal! I'm just happy I found a way to resize them atm. LOL.*


I also accept that I'm now the mother of a full grown adult male.
One down, one to go.

Yes, I'm quite proud of him. It has not been an easy road for Seth, but I think that part of him enjoys the regularity and predictability of school. It's a whole new world Seth! (and thanks for smiling... a little... just once)


I have also accepted that small children know every button. I think we've hit 14 out of 17 buttons today alone. I'm just saying. Other than that it's great that they are here! We can't wait until grandpa gets home from work. We also can't wait to take better pictures than ones that look like they were taken an 12:31 a.m.

Tanner has stayed on an extra week to hang out with me and the girls. *thank you Tanner!!!* (all his idea)

Also had an AWESOME SHOOT on Sunday morning. (yes I'm insane, I had a ton of stuff to do), but I so wish I would have had 4 hours with them. They were awesome and fun, and we went to all new places. Plus the weather was beautiful perfect. I took 562 photos. Almost every single one was perfect straight out of the camera. *I am not kidding* Beautiful and awesome, but incredibly overwhelming when you have to pare it down to half that!! I will post some pics (straight from the camera eeek!) in another post.

Today we have to go circle the computer repair place until he gives me some news - there's pics in there I need!!

We're also going to buy breakfast food, because we had one bowl of cereal to feed 4 ppl this morning. Thank god 3 of those ppl were little ppl.

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gawdess559 said...

Congrats Lana!!! thats awesome about Seths graduation, you must be one proud mama! Keep the pictures coming, add an album to facebook!!!

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