Tuesday, May 19, 2009

*that just happened*

Recent things to note:

*Cheyenne started screaming at 11 p.m. A really big spider ran across the ceiling, normally not a big deal, but she's on the top bunk, with her face about a foot from the ceiling. She piled out of bed. I tried to squish it, and it fell and ran into sleepy Tanner's pillowcase. He now resides outside where this tramatic experience will surely make him vengeful for human blood.

*My computer is fixed. I might have said that. It rocks the awesome sauce except now I'm kinda missing that fast new computer. My goal is to get the new one all set up for what I want to do, so I can start working on it. I have seen the light, and the light is good.

*Vote for Adam! (now that voting is almost over)

I totally get why my mom had the hots for Elvis now. Adam is what Elvis would be if he were a 25 year old today. And I'm fairly confident he's not interested in a 29 year old *cough* housewife blogger from Missouri. Both Gene and I said he would have made a good Edward Cullen in Twilight. (not that I'm a twilight fan)

*The robins are all grown and gone. I have a ton of cool pictures. I'll update that in the next day or so in one final post. I get it, you're sick of bird pics. LOL.

*Mack (my cat) hates children. Small female children in particular. He has spent the past 3 days sleeping in the master bathtub. Today, I coaxed him out and everyone petted him several times. Then he hissed at them and went back to the bathtub. Hey, it's progress.

*10 min after the first spider. Cheyenne saw a much smaller one on the bathroom ceiling. I'm fairly confident she won't sleep at all tonight.

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