Friday, May 1, 2009

I'll have some shade.... someday... I hope.

Last week I told you I bought a tree in honor of earth day. That and in honor of wanting trees :p I'm telling ya, when you live out in the middle of fauxprairie (prairie because it's flat for a mile and windier than heck), you really want some trees around you.

I live in the middle of a bean field. *really*
It's ok, unless of course you feel sorry for me and want to send me monetary donations to relocate me... or plant lots of trees. :p

Anyway, my trees came yesterday finally, and I wanted to share a couple photos with you. I ordered a summers red maple and with that I got a free empress tree. This is what the boxes will look like if you order:


They are fastened to the box on the inside so they don't flop all over the place.


This is the maple

And this is my new empress (free) tree:


such a big box for such a widdle tree! He's cute, and sitting on my counter with all the other trees waiting patiently for a few days break in the weather!

I'm starting to feel like maybe I should be building an ark.


If you have any questions or concerns about your trees, you need to contact customer service from where you purchased them. I'm not an expert on trees, nor do I work for any tree company. I'm just a blogger and a lil' ol' country girl trying to beautify my land and documenting it as we go.

Any comments posted requesting customer service will unfortunately, go unanswered and be deleted.


Scott said...

How much has your Royal Empress Tree grown. I am about to order one for my wife for Mother's Day.

Lana said...

Hi scott....
They've grown a couple inches. I just have the planted in pots at the moment until they get big enough to withstand the crazy wind out here!

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