Saturday, May 9, 2009

Good stuff my friends

Good things happening.
Big things and little things.

Big things:
1. Seth graduates next weekend. Woot!
2. Grandgirls are coming to spend 10 days. Woot! {I spent part of today buying crafts, for entertainment because there's no pool set up this year!}
3. Bought some kick arse domains a couple days ago. Check out I also bought a few more. That's your hint of something fun to come (soon I hope!)
4. Life is good

Little things:
1. Found tons of neat stuff for my Kitschy etsy shop today.... and last weekend, and the weekend before. So much catching up to do! And it seems to be doing well.
2. Going to announce a sale on my Scrapbook Etsy shop in a bit!
3. Added a new gadget to this blog. At the end of each post, it will suggest 3 articles you might be interested in. Explore!
4. More robin pics. Maybe tomorrow. Their eyes are open!

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