Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cease Fire Ranch - where we are single handedly, making dandelions SEXY

Today is one of those days that you want to just flick off your shoes, grab a book and go lay in the grass in the back yard. The weather is near perfect, only slightly on the cool side, a few appropriately placed clouds and soft green grass.

And 400,000 of these:

I've spent a lot of time the past few days thinking about dandelions. (Which suggests I probably should get some hobbies or something.) I've decided that rather than spend so much money on weed killers that really aren't all that good for the environment, I'm going to learn to embrace the dandelion.

And in the process, I'm going to teach you to embrace the dandelion too. I'll be your dandelion guru.

Stick with me here folks.

First off, they're very free-spirited. Like *me*. They come and go as they please and they spread their love to everyone around them. See, they're the friendly flower!

They are bright and sunshiny and happy.
Look at that dandelion smile.

And bees NEED them to make yummy honey, that's healthy for you!

I hear you can make wine out of them too.

Are we all on board?
I bet I got you at wine didn't I?

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