Monday, May 18, 2009

Sarah + Jack = get engaged! Maryville, Missouri Photographer

Just a sneak peak, of some of my shoot from Sunday morning of Sarah and Jack. I'll be sharing some more very soon as soon as my other computer reappears at home. Cross your fingers that they fix it!

I'm sharing a few of my favorites from the shoot. Honestly? I took over 550 shots. ACK.

Sarah and Jack Get Engaged

Yep, you've seen this shot before like 3 times. It's becoming my signature shot. LOL. I LOVE this so much!

Sarah and Jack Get Engaged

A tiny baby robin at the kissing bridge. Of course, you know my recent obsession witht he robins. I laughed when I saw this baby sitting there. Sarah is so animated and has great posing skills!

Sarah and Jack Get Engaged

Jack was making funny faces off to the side. This pic makes my eyes all watery. It's so pretty. Sarah is so pretty.

Sarah and Jack Get Engaged

One of my very favs from the shoot. I love shooting into the sun now! Lens flare rocks! They were high up on a "cliff" as I shot from below. This spot is so awesome and expect more shoots from there again.

I'll have more soon!

1 comment:

Clarity said...

Lovely photographs. I followed your link from pioneering woman's blog.

The bride to be, so pretty! Inner beauty seems to shine through. Or is that the flare?

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