Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I have proof I was a choir dork

When I was in school - you know, back in the big-haired, rockin out 80's.
I was in choir.
You know, the matching outfits, big-haired dorks.

I loved it.
Everyone else did too because almost 1/2 of the high school was in choir. (Only proof that I come from dork breeding stock. *I'm ok with that*.) I especially loved Mrs. Vogel. She was an awesome music teacher and never made you feel like you weren't doing right, even tho quite frequently I was not doing it right!

I was an alto, and I will always be an alto. In fact, I was a low alto. And as our tenors hit puberty and their voices became basses, I frequently became a tenor, depending on how important the tenor section was.

Now Stacy, she's a Soprano (not of the mafia type), and she'll always be a soprano. Our old friend Linda, well, she used to be my buddy alto, but she ditched me and became a soprano when she made the ultimate dork, swing choir our Junior year. (I was so freaking jealous but for the record, I made dork swing choir my senior year FINALLY!

This morning, I sold my last pop bottle out of my etsy shop.

What the heck does that have to do with music? Well, whenever I hear the words "bottleapop" I think of our warm up music and have to sing it all in my head!

I did some research and found something very close! It sounded something like this:

Our words were a bit different, and we needed a section for sopranos.

Sopranos (not on video and I can't find one)

It's cold in the winter it's cold in the spring.
It's cold in the summertime and it doesn't mean a thing!
(sing that in a high shrilling ear piercing soprano. lol)

Our words for the rest were slightly different:

One bottle a pop two bottle a pop three bottle a pop Four bottle a pop,
Five bottle a pop six bottle a pop, seven-seven bottle a pop!


Don't throw your trash in my backyard my backyard
Don't throw your trash in my backyard my backyard's full.


Fish and chips and vinegar, vinegar, vinegar
fish and chips and vinegar, poppa poppa poppa POP!

Once, Stacy and I were in a scrapbook store in Ankeny Iowa at a convention. For some reason, a few words came into my head and I struggled to remember them all. She remembers this stuff like it was her JOB, and before I knew it, we were singing out loud in the sticker section of Memory Bound.

In high school, we would sing it in rounds for warm ups. Try it, it's quite addictive, In fact, I can sing it in rounds in my head (2 songs at once). LOL.

Once a dork always a dork.

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stinker said...

thank you, yes it IS stuck in my head now. and i can sing it in rounds in my head too!

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