Friday, May 1, 2009

hey good lookin'

Yesterday was kind of a crazy day. I didn't get out of my j's all day long, which is fine - I didn't go anywhere. I did make a point to brush my teeth.

*you're welcome*

When I went out to get my mail, I did a tree loop which is where I inspect the trees, and and pretend like i know what I'm looking at. I then noticed a flash of lavender....

Lilac bush

My lilacs are coming out! They are a pitiful sight, not producing many blooms, but I do have a lilac bush. I guess I need to research and see how to make it actually heathier and bloom more. Wondering if burning around it helped any? :p



While I was out there, this guy kept whistling at me! GET OUT!

I finally caught a glimpse of him. I'll get a closer pic as soon as he stops acting so shy.


Apparently, he is a western meadowlark. We only knew that because it's the Kansas state bird, and well, Gene is a transplanted 1/2 Kansasite (please don't hold it against him). Well technically he didn't know what the bird was, only that it was the kansas state bird.

That's ok, I don't know for sure what the MO bird is either, but I DO know that Iowa is the goldfinch - only because I've always loved them.... and have a big print of them in my dining room lol.

Anyway, that guy does NOT like to have is photo taken. I don't know why, he's VERY LOUD "Look at me!", I guess he's a bit camera shy.

Many errands and bits and bats to catch up on today... including cat food. I'm getting the stink-eye. We'll not make it one more day!

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