Thursday, May 7, 2009

Need your opinion!

I was doing some reading about blogging, and someone made a comment that got me to thinking. They said that they HATE blogs on a black background and felt it added nothing to the blog whatsoever and that it made it hard to read.

My reasoning has been, that most photographs look better on black, than on other colors, so that's why I picked this color.

Does the black bother you? Would you prefer white or another color? (I do have some plans in the future for the blog, but I'm not ready to announce them quite yet!)

Please leave a comment and let me know what your preferences are, and why, and I will take them all into consideration! THANKS!


Jena said...

Well, I like your blog. I think you are correct about how it makes your photos look. I don't feel that it makes your blog difficult to read. Also, I like black (that would be my favorite color - if it were actually a color), black is very classic. I like it, so my vote is to keep it.

tracy said...

Thats a tough one... I have had blogs that were primarily art and I did do them on black but when I went to a more general blog I didnt want to use black... Even though I don't feel its hard to read and I do think it shows art best.. I wanted a lighter background for the new blog.

Honestly i think its a toss up and a preference

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