Monday, May 4, 2009

Longest post EVER

This weekend seemed like a whirl, although it was only two days, it sure seemed like a long 3 day weekend. I think the rest of the planet agreed as ALL OF THEM were at Walmart on Saturday.

It all kind of started Friday, by accident. You see, we'd planned on going to KC for a week to pick up a painting (more on that later), but Friday, I went to town to do some errands and on a whim, decided to pick up a paper and hit a couple garage sales.

Opening the paper, is when I realized that Maryville was having townwide garage sales over the weekend. Townwide garage sales are like a national holiday for bargain hunters everywhere, and well, I am the queen.

As an aside: Do you happen to know who got Maryville townwide garage sales up and going? Take a wild guess.
ME! :p It's my one claim to Maryville. haha. I was on the Chamber of Commerce board about 12-13 years ago, and retail committee (I was the head of retail) decided to get a Townwide garage sale going.

Anyway, so getting up early and mucking off to KC was not exactly in the plans, instead we got up early and mucked off to Maryville. Our plan? To have none. We just started driving around neighborhoods and even tho my man hates to drive, this plan worked ok for the most part.

I did happen across an ad for some photography studio lights, and went early (I hate those ppl) and got them! I'm excited about that as I needed studio lights, and hadn't invested in them yet since I don't have my dedicated studio *yet*. I bought them from a very nice lady, (even tho she uses Nikon heh), and I suck so bad at names and faces (I try I swear) and I know I should know her but I can't remember from where.

I also picked up some thermoses for my kicking ass and taking names kitschy etsy shop (which I have so much stuff to list), and some really cute wall baskets from Longaberger - 3... for $7! Scores.

Yes, I even bought eggs.
At a garage sale.


Farm fresh, aren't they pretty?
Gene had strict instructions, do NOT eat those speckled eggs before I get a photo! I wish they sold speckled eggs at the grocery store.


And isn't that bowl pretty? My friend Sarah gave that to us as a wedding gift. Thank you Sarah and hello!

Came home, made some lunch, unloaded our goodies and then headed back out to Kansas City.

First we went to the Brass Armadillo. You know that place, twice as big as super walmart, with 12 times and much stuff. Yeah, I got my walking in. I skipped the last 2 aisles. Gene did NOT.

We picked up our painting, which is a reproduction painting in 1942 of Thomas Lawerence's "Pinkie".



She has some issues that should be addressed, but I rather like her with a bit of yellowed varnish speckle to her myself.

We are not sure, but there's a bit of a chance it might have been painted by Jules Engel, which was the head of animation for Disney during that time frame. He also dabbled in some portraiture work. Gene could tell you more, he's getting much better at google!

After that we trudged off to Odessa on a whim, which has an Osceola Cheese store.


Every cheese known to man, plus 14 others. And samples. My colon would kick me, if it could move.


We kind of last minute tried to visit some friends, but since we're BAD PEOPLE and didn't think ahead, they were not hope. Next time! (trust me, there's cheese there, we'll be back).

My husband then let me celebrate NSD (National Scrapbook Day - yes, we have a WHOLE DAY) in the best way that any good scrapbooker could. We went shopping. My cover was needing blades for my trimmer (which is old school fiskars and they are phasing out the blades I think *gulp*), but I was "allotted" 45 minutes.

Which to be fair was more than enough, but I have a bit of the flair for the dramatic.

We finally hauled back into town around 8 p.m. *which is exactly when I said we'd be home* (he thought we'd be home around 5. wth?)

Sunday was the new earth day.


It was so beautiful out, that we decided we'd catch up on all the little yard things that have been needed doing for a while. Like planting trees:




Two pear trees, to replace the 2 that died.

My Summer's Red Maple:



(It was right about here that we started proclaiming that we were going to strangle each other in the respective other's sleep. I kept planting, he went off to spray for ants.)

I started a flower bed that will be next to the house. Way too much work for me, but it needs done. Hope it pays off because I hate gardening. LOL. I'm going for the low-maintenence-wild-countryside-little-house-on-the-prairie look.


I get why ppl are paying others to do this for them.

Tanner finished up the mowing.


Which is great, because Tanner loves to mow... that and we decided (and when I say we, I mean ME) that we were going to have a full one acre mowed this year, instead of 1/2. Great! Tanner loves to mow.

Did I mention Tanner loves to mow?

Which is awesome that Tanner loves to mow, because if Tanner didn't love to mow, Gene would be forced to mow. Know why?

Lana doesn't mow.

It's the one job I never had to do as a kid, and I'm trying my damndest to make it my entire LIFE without running a lawnmower. (You'll have to ignore that 15 min I mowed last year that kicked my ass).

BTW, Tanner loves to mow.

We finished out our day, with BBQ


And sore hamstrings. (well they're sore today)

And a mowed yard.

Don't you regret asking me how my weekend went now?

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