Thursday, April 23, 2009

Amanda + Derek - Part II - Missouri Wedding Photographer

Amanda + Derek

I shared pics of Amanda and Derek earlier in the week, and finished them up today. I'm very excited about these pics, they turned out so much better than I expected. I don't know what it is, every shoot I sit and think "Oh god you're blowing it!!" and then get home and find 50 good photos that I absolutely love. This one was no exception.

The pic above, I had to do something I really didn't want to do. Really.

I laid on the floor in a laundromat. BLECH. I really want to go wash my hands *right now* LOL BUT, I ended up with an image that I super love. Amanda said that she loved feet pictures, and I do too. Which started a whole conversation about a friend that has a major foot phobia. Weirdo. lol.

Amanda + Derek

It's kind of funny how I know Amanda. Her Aunt TJ, was my BFF up through elementary school. In fact, I spent hundreds if not thousands of hours at TJ's house. I just thought they were the coolest family *ever*.

Now TJ's older sister was Karen. Karen and I didn't know each other as well as children because she was not our ages, but, later on in life, Karen and I worked together. In fact, I think I was working with Karen, when she was pregnant with Amanda.

God I feel old.

Amanda + Derek

To make things even more confusing, Amanda and her sister Katie, look exactly like their mom and Aunt TJ. In fact, I ran into them at my sister's salon a year or 2 ago and literally said "OMG! I know who you belong to". LOL. I'm sure they thought I was a nut.

*cuz I am*

Amanda + Derek

Now Derek (isn't he cute? He needs a cowboy hat. I'm just sayin').

Derek has an older brother that looks just like him. I know because I remember when both of them were born. *sigh* *internal eye roll* Where is my wrinkle cream again?


Derek and his brother went to school with my two younger sisters - and their mom, was my brother's fifth grade teacher. How convoluted is that? lol.

Amanda + Derek

Our shoot was set for Monday. Unfortunately Monday was crazy windy and because I'm sure they didn't want their engagement photos to have my hair whipping in front of the lens, we had to get creative. Most of our shoot was inside at different locations around town including the college where they both have gone to school - NWMSU.

Amanda + Derek

If you haven't figured it out, the mascot is the bearcat. I said we were getting creative.

Amanda + Derek

This is on the track in the gym.

Oh how badly I wanted 34 to stand for something. Like 34 times he asked her out before she said yes, or 34 times he changed her car tire (that she flattened on her own) before he figured out that she liked him. Maybe they're planning on 34 grandchildren??? :)


Instead, 3 and 4 just happened to be in the center of the gym track.

Amanda + Derek

Amanda said that they did not start dating until college, in fact, they went to high school together but he *ignored her*. Hmmpft. Maybe it took a while for him to figure out that she's a hottie.

Amanda + Derek

I think this is turning into my signature shot. It seems like I can't do a shoot, without a picture in this spot. Unfortunately, I think the building is going to fall in soon, the doors were loose and the roof is caving in. :(

Amanda + Derek

They get married next month, in the same place that Gene and I did, with the same minister!!

I'm starting to feel like I should bring a gift or something, or check DNA to make sure they don't qualify for a family discount. LOL.

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