Thursday, April 9, 2009

Your colon will thank you

I'm a little hell bent on eating healthier, and lighter..... and get rid of some of this weight. I know I know, how many times have I said that?

I've been moody about it, and I guess waiting for some sort of colossal sign to show up to tell me that I need to DO IT NOW. And said sign didn't come... well, except for a very random old Body For Life friend found me on facebook... which is fairly difficult considering I didn't have the same email, nor do I even have the same name.

Through him, found another old BFL friend... and at some point said to myself "Is this the sign?" and decided that it might as well be.

Or maybe it's Gene's class reunion coming up this summer.

I wanted to share with you, one of my favorites, which happened to be my lunch today, and wow is it easy.

All you need is a
  1. fresh sweet potato (yam depending on whom you ask)
  2. two paper towels
  3. light butter (optional but DUH)
  4. splenda brown sugar (expensive!!)

Poke the potato, wrap it in the paper towels and get the towels really wet. I learned this trick from Gene. It works really well. Nuke it for around 5 min or until it feels soft when you squeeze it. Don't overcook! It gets hard if you do. It takes less time than a regular potato. I don't know how many min it is, we have a microwave that says 1, 2, 3, 4 potatoes. I put it in for 2 potatoes.

Slather with goodness.
It's like eating candy, and not too bad for you. This is 5 points if you're on WW and this minus the toppings is perfect for your carbs if you're doing BFL. It's a complex carb and tastes nice and sweet. There aren't many of those!

My other "treat" is this:

If you hate celery because it tastes bitter, try it this way. My mama taught me this trick years ago. Cut it up, and put it in a big bowl full of water and stick it in the fridge. It gets full of water and is super crispy. It's not bitter *at all* (even the worst bitter celery tastes great).

I try to keep this in the fridge when I'm trying to lose weight (even without a lid) and just grab a few pieces when I'm starving. *fiber is good for you* :p

The kids eat it like candy, and it becomes an issue when I run out because I HATE CUTTING CELERY. LOL.

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