Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm a cop-arazzi

Downtown KC
{Downtown Kansas City}

Last week when we were in KC, we were driving along (I don't remember the road) and came up a hill and saw this:


He was hidden behind a bank of bushes about a half a block away, so you never saw him until it was too late. We comment on how sneaky that was, and decided that we had to come back around the block to catch his picture.

So we pull into a parking lot and by this time, he had a new victim.

{look out ahead!}

We sat for a while waiting, then I decided to put the long lens on, sneak up to the other side of the bushes and wait. Soon his victim was gone, and he got back into position.


I popped out from behind the bushes, lifted my camera, prayed he'd see it was a camera, and snapped off 2 pics.

I got back to the car, showed gene but it doesn't look very impressive on a 2" screen. He wanted to get one more, but before we got there, some unfortunate sap got this:


Unfortunately, I *might* have distracted the driver with my camera and he wasn't watching.

Oops. Sorry dude.

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debevans said...

funny...good pics! :)

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