Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Critter check

Yes. Another cow pic.

I went to town yesterday. (and I mean that in the literal sense, not the figurative sense where I get super busy). I had to mail a package and pick up a package that I'd missed the day before (registerred international pkgs are annoying).

My gut told me I needed to take my camera - with the long lense. Especially since I missed that gaggle of turkeys on the way home on Monday. Gaggle? My gut was wrong. Not a thing exciting, except a few cows near the fence on the way home.

As you can see above, she gave me the stink eye... or is that the googly eye? No... I think it's more stinky than googly.

As you can also see, black cows make for interesting exposure. Either they are a black blob, or the area around them is completely blown out. I picked blowing out the background and cropping it out.

Long lens still on, Robin came to visit, choice was obvious. I need something besides robin pictures. They are showing *zero* interest in the birdfood I put out. hummpft.


I also, am catchin up on TANNER'S laundry. Here I thought he had more clothes than barbie, but in reality, his hamper had a bunch of sheets and blankets stuffed in it. I might put him on blanket restriction.

Sooo.. I got to put some things on the line yesterday. Go me. Guess what? They are still there. LOL. Probably will have bird poop on them since I left them out so long.

And lastly, you must check out this way to make a better mousetrap story. I happened across it this morning and immediately emailed it to Tanner, who is a little bit of a Macgyver. Seriously - one of his favorite sites is a Macgyver building sorta site.

Anyway, it was good for a belly laugh.

Much to do today, like groceries and showers and dishes and such. I also need to rent some lenses for an upcoming wedding and update my website. bleh. None of that sounds appealing in theory or in practice.

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