Monday, April 20, 2009

Me, Tom Hanks and Wilson the volleyball... what exactly will we do?


I have decided, that if I ever get stranded on a deserted island with Tom Hanks and Wilson the volleyball head, the one box I want to open needs to have some fitted sheets in it.

{preferably egyptian cotton 600 thread count}


I peeked out my window today to see beautiful bright blue skies. I needed that. Seems like there's been entirely too much rain mucking up my days lately, and a sunny day is just what I needed.

I started laundry, like I do every Monday. I dried the first load before I went out on the back deck to stretch my jammied legs. Temp is right, nice and breezy. Well, first day for laundry *indeed*. I kind of scolded myself for not thinking of it sooner.

I went back inside, gathered up my load of laundry which was whites and sheets mixed together *yes I mix them if it's a small load!*

Before I even got to the clothesline, I was sure I'd made a mistake, but really, by this time I was so hell bent on hanging my laundry, and unwilling to admit defeat that i trudged on.

It was windy.
Windy would be a modest word. Somewhere between hurricane and tornado would better describe it.

So i get to the clothesline, and the bag of pins won't even hang without flipping off the line. I get to the sheets and thats when I realize my huge tactical error. Fitted sheets in the wind, are like trying to wrangle a sumo wrestler - plenty to grab on to, but a lot of power behind it.

Those fancy lil' corners seem to catch air and you almost take off. I think I might need a few more fitted sheets before I catch flight.
I'm just sayin.

I started to question, why don't they make sails for sailboats out of fitted sheets. Which got me to thinking. If I had to get stuck on the island, with Tom Hanks and Wilson the volleyball head. I'd want a sheet.

And black eyeliner.

Cuz if me and Tom have to populate this island, I certainly wanna look good in the process.

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