Thursday, April 16, 2009

Loose Park - Kansas City, MO


Yesterday, we were driving down to the plaza and I saw a park along side the road, complete with a pond and geese that ppl were right up close to! I said "Oh geese!"

Gene asked me if I wanted to stop, and I, knowing I have to pick my battles carefully, asked him if he wanted to. He said that no he didn't really, and we drove on.

About 3 blocks later, he makes a couple turns, and heads back, saying that I needed good blog material. LOL. Good husband!

So I just wanted to share some shots from Jacob Loose Memorial Park. Apparently this used to be kind of a seedy area of town, and when Jacob Loose passed away and left a sizeable amount of money to the city, the choose to fix up this area into a beautiful park. It would be an AWESOME place to take photos for a wedding. I imagine there are tons of bridal parties lined up on Saturdays waiting for the perfect shot.

The geese, you can walk right up to them. Don't feed the geese!



I bet it's warm under there. This makes me want to sit and stalk her for a few weeks til I see wee babes.


There's even some adorable ducks. And we all know how I feel about ducks!



This squirrel didn't want his picture taken, but every time I turned away from him, he came back.



Even the flowers were out and being beautiful.



See how happy he looks? :p


He was ready to leave in about 4 min.
Good thing he's so cute.

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