Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stick around

I have been keeping the trees in the house because it has been snowing around these parts off and on. The last 3 snows we've said "well that's the last snow" and yet another blows in.

I'm now confident we'll be wearing snow boots for the July 4th celebrations :p

Saturday, I noticed a couple gnats around the trees, and well, I hate those buggers, so I decided I probably needed to let them get a bit of fresh air, and let whatever's in there to air out a bit.

I watered them, set them outside, and left them overnight.

Bad move there pedro.

I called them today, and they said that I did the right thing, that I probably shocked it. That the fact the base is still green is a good sign, that the real work is going on in the root system and that if I don't have growth in the next 4-8 weeks, to let them know and they'll replace the trees. I like good customer service!

I'll be repotting them into pots and keeping them babied a bit for a few more weeks before they go into the ground.

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Please stick around to see my bumbling attempts at tree growing, photography, pretending like I'm a rancher, my terribly handsome husband, some scrapbooking, my pithy witticisms - my humor can be quite cutting (just ask my husband, poor fellow), and just living the good life out here in the country.

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ljkiser said...

Hey Lana, this is Leslie from KY again. I planted my trees yesterday (Sat - Apr 18) and I took some photos as well. Unfortunately I am not nearly as web savvy as you are so I don't really have a weblog per se. I will upload the pics to my facebook page in am album titled Empress Trees (real original). LOL I hope yours do okay! I told my neighbor yesterday that I expected mine to surpass my height by June. (haha I was joking although they really do build them up on their website!)

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