Friday, April 17, 2009

Train Spotting

On the way home on Wednesday, we were going through parts of town, that I rarely see. I tend to be a one track sort of girl. When I get in a routine, I stick to it. Which is kind of sad because I don't get off the beaten path and see all the cool stuff that I'm missing.

Anyway, we go downtown by the old airport, and I'm snapping a few pics. There are train tracks right next to the highway and I see a cool shot of a train from an odd angle, but miss it. :( As we pass it, we see that it's carrying the bodies of new jets! Cool!

Later, while we're north of Weston on hwy 59 (which has a ton of cool things to shoot), I see a train coming. Gene plays along, he races down to the next couple intersections (the train's not going very fast) so I can get some shots as it approaches. They must have thought we were a bunch of crazies trying to commit suicide or something, sitting there waiting at the intersection for them.

train spotting

I snap pictures as they pass by. Getting a few cool shots.
Then I realize, it's the same train we'd seen a few hours earlier! What are the odds?


There's the airplanes!


We spend a little time, trying to get a shot of the train sharp, but the background blurred. It's called panning, and difficult to do with just a regular subject, let alone a train. It took Gene and I working together, and well, frustration won out and this was the best we got.

So we quit stalking them, and zoomed off north. We stopped at a flea market on 59 and spent about 1/2 hour there looking at dirt. Decided it was time to head home.

Hey look another train!


Wait! It's the same train again!
Now on the other side of the road. I'm sure at this point, we were starting to scare them a bit. I tried to wave a couple times so they knew that we weren't nutjobs, but I don't think we succeeded.

Slowly we kept pace as we pulled into St. Joe and we said good-bye as the turned a corner under the bridges along the river.


Part of me wanted to chase them a bit further as the highway winds along the river for a while, but I don't feel like Gene was wanting a restraining order on his records. :p

What a party pooper

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