Thursday, April 2, 2009

Boys are weird

I'm going to give up on trying to understand the inner workings of boys.

This morning, I'm in Tanner's room, which for the record, is always an adventure. I went in to get the trash and got completely distracted by the fact that there were pepsi cans everywhere.

This kid has a pepsi issue apparently.

I discovered this in the trash:

Nick his buddy spent the night a couple weeks ago. Nick is a cute Opie kinda kid complete with freckles and almost red hair. He's also nothing like Tanner. He's loud and boisterous and I kept being surprised by the noises coming out of Tanner's room that I never heard before.

My kids have always been a bit on the quiet side, and now I'm fairly confident that they live vicariously through their friends.

So these destructed pop cans come out of the trash can, and I can only assume they were trying to build something. Maybe they were reinacting the scene from Twister where they used pop cans to make propellers for their gadget?

Maybe they were trying to create a miniature futuristic city - to scale.

Or maybe they just wanted to cut up stuff.

Either way, I just shake my head, empty pop cans, gather trash (bring on the teen years!) and admit my defeat as trying to understand the inner workings of boys, is about as difficult as understanding cat facial expressions.

Or the inner workings of GIRLS.

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