Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Last year on Earth Day, I decided that every year, I was going to do something to make us a little more green friendly.

Last year, I bought reusuable bags, and remember them about 75% of the time (I'm a work in progress), and also, I started recycling paper, bottles and cans. I actually have stayed on top of this, and have gotten Gene to play along too... that was an accomplishment! :)

This year, I've decided to start composting, but to be fair, I don't have my compost bin in place. I have been researching what exactly I want tho.

I also have decided to plant more trees. I bought my 2 empress trees, some blueberry bushes, and some hostas. I plan on planting quite a few more things, over time. This is out of my comfort zone, as I'm not a green thumb!

Today, I got an email which made me decided to buy another tree. If you buy a tree from them today, earth day 2009, you will not only help plant 2 fast growing fruit trees in africa, but you'll get a free empress tree of your own! So if you buy one empress today, you get a second one free! If you've been considering it, now is the time.

I bought a summers red maple, which was my dad's fav tree, and I've wanted one for years.

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